For Hadar & Oron
International Day of Prayer
September Sunday 23rd


       Hadar                          Oron

The United Nations General Assembly
convenes on Tuesday, September 25th.
We have dedicated Sunday, September 23rd to an
International Day of Prayer to correct a historic injustice.
Partners around the world will join together in unified prayer
in congregations, churches, communities and organizations
for the speedy return of the fallen
Israeli soldiers Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul.

Hadar Goldin, a Lieutenant in the Givati Brigade of the IDF,
was 23 years old when he was killed and taken
into Gaza by Hamas terrorists during Operation Protective
Edge in 2014. Two hours into a UN mandated cease-fire,
Hamas terrorists ambushed three Israeli soldiers.
The terrorists killed two of the soldiers, mortally wounded
Hadar Goldin and dragged him through a tunnel back to Gaza.

Oron Shaul, a Staff Sergeant in the Golani Brigade,
was 20 years old when he was killed during the 2014
Operation Protective Edge. His death drew international
attention when Hamas announced that he had been taken
prisoner and later when Hamas demanded the release of
terrorists for the return of Oron to his family.

Hamas continues to hold the fallen Israeli soldiers Hadar and Oron in contravention of International Humanitarian Law.
This terrible injustice must end! The world must hear our prayer!
Join us with your congregation and our brothers and sisters
around the world for this unique Sunday Prayer for the return
of Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul so that they will be
buried in their beloved homeland.

At the culmination of the service, the prayers of your congregation
will be collected and added to those of other believers from around
the world and be hand delivered to the Western Wall.


For details and to participate in this unique
international prayer experience: +972 – 55-6611685